How to be Successful at Networking!

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This Vlog applies to ALL OF YOU!! Every single person at any age can apply these tips on how to be successful at networking! I have put forward my own 7 tips that I think make anyone successful at networking. Give it a watch and let me know what you think!

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Revolutionary Targeting by Apple!

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This Vlog looks at the most recent article on Marketing Week and the amazing new technological advancement in consumer tracking and how marketers today can track our wants and needs better than ever before! !! Thanks to Apple, our facial expressions and emotional response to advertising can now be tracked in order for ad’s to be more specific to our desires! God help our bank accounts!
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“It shouldn’t be a xmas ad, it should be a fire safety ad”

You guessed it….Sainsbury’s 2015 xmas ad is the worst ad I’ve seen since ‘Go Compare’.

As I saw that Sainsbury’s were next in line to launch their 2015 xmas ad, I was SO excited…their 2014 ad which related to WW1 grabbed my attention, got the water works going and stuck in my head…everything a great advert should be right?! They set the bar high and I was expecting them to go above and beyond for their 2015 ad….well Sainsbury’s…the best piece of advice I have for you, is to go and invest time in finding a better ad agency…what an absolute disappointment!

Mog…really Mog…I hate cats and this is the first thing my eyes are drawn to. Eurgh…not only that Sainsbury’s, but Mog isn’t even a real looking cat! You may as well have used a card cut out of a cat instead!

So…I give it time to transform itself and force myself to continue paying attention…Mr Thomas dreaming of a new bat….yeah, really not connecting with you…not feeling you or your bat Mr Thomas. Oh wait, here we go, Mog the cat causing chaos in the kitchen….the knock on effect. First the police, then the smashing and crashing of all the kitchen items. What a catastrophe!. Once the series of unfortunate events have taken place, the house is then set on fire (WITH the kids and family inside, may I add) making me think “SH*T what about the family, are they okay?!” …You’ve probably guessed it by now…at this point in time, I haven’t smiled, or cried, or laughed at a single thing this bloomin advert has shown me in the space of 2 minutes. Then BLOW ME DOWN…the firemen AREN’T…let me say that again…AREN’T recovering the family members or possessions from the home…INSTEAD…A BURN’T TURKEY/ CHICKEN looking thing!…Yeah that’s it Sainsbury’s… get the fireman to use the fire extinguisher on the Turkey (which is already out of flames may I add) and ignore the house in flames situation. And then…oh wait, I’m sorry… Mog saved the day?!…the family then re-enter their destroyed burned down house in floods of tears and BOOM the whole neighbourhood come flying around the corner with satsuma’s to save the day (because that’s what we all need when our house has just burned down)…Then, before you know it…the house is perfectly restored and every Tom, Dick and Harry are eating xmas dinner in their house…even on the stairs…NOW COME ON SAINSBURY’S, WHERE IS YOUR LOGIC?!

As a marketer, I at least expect to watch an ad in this day and age and feel some sort of connection…I can safely say I didn’t in any way, shape or form feel connected Sainsbury’s. Not only that, but I do like a good, exciting, relatable story line to follow throughout an ad and this story line, quite frankly, was boring. Sorry Sainsbury’s and Mog…but it’s a NO from me (even though I will still continue to go and do my weekly shop with you) xo

What do you think about Mog and the Sainsbury’s xmas ad of 2015?! Comment below and let me know!

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Everything there is to know about me!

Hello there! my name is Charlotte Gomez, I’m 22 and a  BSc (Hons) Marketing graduate from Lancaster University! I created this blog for two reason’s 1) I love to share my opinions with everybody and trust me… I  don’t hold back and 2) Marketing might be considered by some as the biggest pile of BS, but I love it and it’s so much fun!
meeee xxxxx

I chose marketing because I’ve always been really creative, I’m business minded and LOVE money!

My close friends would describe me as; confident, determined and honest.

I’m a country girl through and through but a city girl just as much. I have two horses, two rottweilers, an adopted cat, sometimes deer and a few foxes based at home back in North London. So I have Tolka, she’s twenty three! and I have previously competed British Show Jumping with her.
And my other one is Amber, she’s my new project. She’s just turned three and she’s the half sister to Tolka. The aim is that she will be my new Show Jumper and can take me around bigger tracks. Myself and my mum have just recently broken her in (meaning she can now have a rider on her back).

zzzzzzzzzzzz, sorry for those of you who fell asleep on the topic of horses. Anywayyyyyyyyy….some people don’t understand how you can be both a city and country person! Well, I would also consider myself a city girl because I live so close to central London and I do love a few trips into town! I’ve also just recently finished a marketing internship with Elemis on Baker st which was SUPER fun and I hope to work in London once I’ve graduated in June! (Look how hiler and keen I look in the photo on an escalator down to the tube haha…such a tourist)
yayay mee

What else is there to know about me? hmmmmm, my favourite colour is black. I love to take long walks to clear my head and reflect. I loveeeeeee a good spy movie. Favourite night out in London; DSTRKT. Favourite night out in Lancaster; doesn’t exist. Favourite cocktail has to be a Porn Star Martini…and last but not least….I’m still trying (and failing) to find the love of my life on tinder!

cuteeeee12115845_10153590956792254_4295819682453449642_n (1)

Well I certainly hope I’ve made a good first impression of myself to you! I will be regularly posting all of the latest gossip and tricks of the trade within the world of marketing on here so be sure to keep up to date!!

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep following!
Love Char X